Child Therapy in Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia

ChildSavers offers online or in-person child therapy in Richmond, VA. In an effort to ensure therapy for all children and families in the greater Richmond area, we accept Medicaid and private insurance.

Please note there is a waitlist for children’s mental health services at this time.

virtual and in-person child therapy in richmond, va

To get started, call Karina Peralta at 804-591-3941 or fill out our intake form to speed up the process.

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Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

One stressful event can produce significant distress in children and young adults. Trauma and stress can affect our behavior, bodies, and all areas of life.

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Our trauma-informed therapists incorporate art, play, and sand tray with other kinds of treatment, customized to fit your child’s and family’s needs.

What are the signs that my child may need therapy?

  • Problems with sleep or appetite
  • Sad or depressed mood
  • Crying spells
  • Hyperactivity/impulsivity
  • Physical aggression
  • Verbal abuse
  • Destruction of property
  • Running away
  • Exposure to domestic or community violence
  • Thoughts to hurt others
  • Thoughts of hurting oneself
  • Firesetting
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexualized behaviors

For the last 96 years, ChildSavers has worked to provide mental health services to children and families in our community. We’re not stopping now.

There is currently a waitlist for our child therapy and family therapy services. To get started, fill out our intake form. Call Karina Peralta at 804-591-3941 for questions. 

call now for child therapy in richmond va