De-escalation Training: Coping With Big Feelings

Richmond, Virginia

Join us for a four-part series with Immediate Response Supervisor, Kristin Lennox, LCSW about helping adults and children de-escalate and self-regulate. Each one-hour session is donation-based: $1 – $11 – you choose the price!

Understanding “Escalation” – August 7 @ 11:30 AM EST: It can be difficult to help children and adults de-escalate while experiencing big emotions, or learn how to de-escalate ourselves. Let’s start with a basic understanding of what is happening in the minds and bodies of people feeling big, overwhelming emotions.

Self-Regulation for Children & Adults – August 14 @ 11:30 AM EST: Before we can help someone else process their big emotions or outbursts, we have to manage our own. This session will focus on strategies that may help you calm down quickly.

Safety Planning for Children & Adults – August 21 @ 11:30 AM EST: When safety is a concern for children and adults exhibiting big behaviors, it’s important to create a safe space and develop a plan that may include getting outside assistance to help de-escalate the situation.

Co-Regulating and Coping – August 28 @ 11:30 AM EST: This session will focus on strategies for coping, and ways you can continue to keep yourself and.or others “regulated”, calm, and safe.