Outpatient Clinic for Child Therapy

Richmond, Virginia

ChildSavers provides outpatient mental health therapy for children and their families in Richmond, VA. Children are referred to us by their schools, parents, local health clinics, and other youth-serving agencies. Our professionals provide child therapy and family therapy regardless of the ability to pay.

We accept all Medicaid HMOs and most private insurances. In the case that a child with no insurance, we work with the family to establish a fee that fits a family’s budget.

To get started with child therapy, give us a call at 804-644-9590 or send us a message


outpatient child therapy in richmond, VA at childsavers


Among our services and programs are:

  • Assessment and Treatment Planning: ChildSavers therapists evaluate emotional and behavioral functioning to design individual treatment plans.
  • Psychiatric Services: We offer medication and psychiatric evaluations by our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. Meet our psychiatric service provider, Dr. Thresa H. Simon.
  • Play Therapy: The use of toys, games, and play promotes positive behavioral change and emotional resolution.
  • Sand Tray Therapy: Creates a symbolic way for a child to work through behavioral and emotional issues.
  • Art Therapy: Provides a creative, non-verbal way to reduce symptoms. This sort of therapy is especially effective for children having trouble with verbal expression.
  • Talk Therapy: Provides a non-judgmental place for children and adolescents to share problems and successes and offers support to make changes they desire.
  • Family Therapy: Involves parents, caregivers, siblings, and extended family members to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and educate those directly involved in a child’s development.

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