School-Based Therapy in Richmond Public Schools

Richmond, Virginia

ChildSavers therapists offer child therapy in Richmond Public Schools to provide healing and growth where children learn and play.

child therapy in richmond public schools

This partnership allows us to serve even more children while engaging with families and faculty.

In just two years, 47% of our students saw a decrease in conduct referrals, and 42% saw an increase in grades. We also have a 95% show rate for student sessions during the school year and 70% of our children are meeting their treatment objectives.

School-based services are available at the following schools:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Preschool
  • MLK, Jr. Middle School
  • Woodville Elementary
  • George Mason Elementary
  • Fairfield Elementary
  • Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary
  • Overby-Sheppard Elementary

To connect with our team about child therapy in Richmond Public Schools, call (804) 644-9590 or send us a message.