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Richmond, Virginia


Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions families make, but all too often they must rely on word-of-mouth. Because our community’s children are our most important asset, ChildSavers provides you with the tools needed to make this important choice when looking for quality care. Before searching for child care, review the list of questions to consider.

Why Does Quality Matter?

The evidence is clear, quality early education is key.  With the majority of a child’s brain developing during the first five years of life, the quality of care a child receives during this time is critical.  Children with access to high quality early learning experiences are more likely to acquire the skills they need to enter kindergarten ready to succeed and adapt to new learning and social environments.

High quality care means that children are engaging in meaningful learning and play, guided by qualified caregivers in an enriched educational environment.

Virginia is fortunate to have many quality early childhood programs, including those served in public schools, private and faith-based centers, and home-based programs.  Yet identifying and accessing high quality programs can be a challenge for parents.

The Virginia Quality Initiative was created to provide a consistent way to distinguish the level of quality in early education programs, allowing families to make more informed choices and allowing child care providers a way to improve the quality of their services.

ChildSavers Child Development Services has six core services that provide early care professionals with resources and programs that promote the development of quality early care environments.  These core services are Child Development Associate Credentialing, Child Development Training, Child Care Aware of Central Virginia, Child Nutrition Program, Voluntary Registration and Virginia Quality.

Child Care Aware of Central Virginia at ChildSavers can help families locate child care options through a referral service and resources to enhance quality.  To talk to a consumer specialist and receive personalized child care referrals, call 1-866-KIDS-TLC (1-866-543-7852), then press “2” or if you are interested in conducting a web-based child care referral search, click on the following link:

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