Online Resiliency Training for Educators

Richmond, Virginia

Educators and other helping professionals constantly hear messages about making “them” more resilient – students, clients, children, others. Then other voices pipe up about the need to start with “us” – the teachers, the helpers, the parents.

Them/us is a frame for understanding community that is limited, belittling, and can even become toxic. Instead of building resilience as an extra “chore” done to “others,” what would it be like to build resilience as we go about our work and in our current relationships? Instead of tending to our own resilience as a “practice” we “should” be doing more/better/faster, what would it be like to infuse our every-day moments with the seeds of resilience?

Join us for a walk through resilience research from Dr. Margaret E. Blaustein and Dr. Kristine Kinniburgh that reveals ways to erase Them/Us dynamics and opportunities to weave resilience-building into our already busy and worried lives. This training takes place in four sessions, lead by School-Based Program Manager, Bob Nickles, LCSW.

Audience: educators, helping professionals, and caregivers of any kind.

Why Resilience? Fostering Competence in Youth
Tuesday, October 13 from 4 – 5 PM

Promoting Attachment in The Classroom
Tuesday, October 20 from 4-5 PM

Promoting Regulation in The Classroom
Tuesday, October 27 from 4 – 5 PM

Tying It All Together – Resiliency Training for Educators
Tuesday, November 3, from 4 – 5 PM