Virginia Quality

Richmond, Virginia

What is Virginia Quality? 

Virginia Quality is a voluntary “grading” method used to define, measure, and improve the quality of child care and preschool programs. We do this by helping you make small, yet impactful changes that help you move up in quality ranking. The more levels you achieve, the higher your quality score becomes. 

To help you gain visibility and credibility, we share all Virginia Quality-enrolled businesses with parents and guardians searching for quality child care and preschool programs. 


Resources for Providers: Make Your Business Stand Out

Virginia Quality awards levels to your program based on the following nationally recognized standards and practices: 

  • Knowledge and qualifications of the staff 
  • Curriculum or intentional teaching approach used to guide children’s learning 
  • Learning environment 
  • Teacher-child interactions 

We offer a variety of quality improvement supports including requested technical assistance to help you reach your goals.

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Resources for Parents: Find Child Care

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