Richmond, Virginia

ChildSavers’ wishlist asks our community members to donate toys, books, costumes, and art supplies for the children that we serve. Many of the donations we receive are used both in mental health services and in our child care provider centers.

Play, sand tray, and art therapy help children express themselves when they can’t find words. Many of the child care providers with whom we work serve low-income families and are often unable to afford new supplies and equipment. Below is a list of our most-needed items.

Dolls and Accessories

Multicultural dolls
Loving Family dolls (dollhouse size) – multicultural
Baby dolls with bottles and diapers – multicultural
Doll clothes and accessories; strollers
Dollhouse furniture (beds, kitchen and bathroom, etc.)

Barbie dolls and clothes – multicultural
Cloth puppets/hand puppets – animals and people
Soft dolls without button eyes or other features (removable features can pose a choking hazard)
Dramatic Play

Immediate Response (for children who have experienced trauma)

Soccer ball
Hula hoops
Jump ropes

Balance Board
Weighted Blanket
Play tunnel
Stretch bands
Rain stick

Dress-up clothes (male and female) – hats, shoes, clothes:

Fantasy dress-up clothes
Magical figures, etc.
Police uniforms
Toy guns and handcuffs

Firefighter clothing/gear
Monster costumes
Non-latex costume masks: cartoon characters, action figures, fantasy figures

Household items (toy-sized):

Dish sets
Pretend food
Cash register
Shopping carts
Cultural foods

Toy telephones
Global costumes
Housekeeping items (child-sized)
Toy doctor kits
Workbench (child-sized)


Small blocks
Soft blocks
Wooden unit blocks
Foam unit blocks
Stacking or linking sets

Interlocking blocks
Hollow blocks (can be homemade)
Building toys
Accessories: cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, people, animals, dinosaurs, traffic signs

Finger Play Items/Games

Beads with strings
Pegs and pegboards
Lincoln Logs
Sewing cards

The Ungame, pick-up sticks, Uno, Jenga
Books and Pictures for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Young School-Aged Children

Nature and science

Pictures of realistic familiar objects, routines, different styled homes, people, food
Different races/cultures, ages, gender, and occupations
Different abilities: wheelchairs, eyeglasses, etc.
Counting, comparing, shapes, written numbers, etc.
Fantasy books appropriate for toddlers or preschoolers
Board books for infants and toddlers
Posters or pictures of realistic people, homes, familiar objects, science and nature, race and culture, children playing, or representing people with different abilities, ages, and genders
* Books should be new or like new with no torn or written-on pages.

Art Supplies

Non-toxic felt pens
Thick pencils
Play dough or clay
Wood gluing/carpentry
Safe scissors
Hole punches
Tape dispensers

Tempera paint/finger paint
Paint brushes
Glue/glue sticks
Water colors
Chalk/small chalkboards
Construction paper

Toys that make sounds

Toy drums
Rhythm sticks
Sand blocks

Tone blocks
CD players
All types of CDs that represent different cultures and types of music


Pillows – all sizes
Small padded chairs

Carpets – all sizes
Small child-sized bean bags